Our Teaching Style

Why you should enroll your child at Kids Field??

1. Personal attention: 15:1 student teacher ratio is followed.
2. Fine and gross motor exercise: Helps to stimulate brain growth. Sand play, clay art, colouring helps develop and prepare the child towards writing skills.
Outdoor activity like balancing, running, jumping, parachute play, everyday activities helps the children develop the gross motor skills.
3. Role Play & music: Encourages the child to observe and imbibe through touch, feel, act learn –puppet- shows . Stage performance, storytelling goes a long way in confidence building.
Music: A child learns faster with music. Every topic, theme planned is accompanied with music for better retention.
4. Safety and Security: it is of utmost importance to us that child is safe and comfortable. CCTV cameras installed in all classrooms .All outdoor activities are accompanied and supervised by teachers.

5. Diet: A healthy diet helps in power brain building and a strong and healthy body. We say no to junk food in tiffins. Regular interactions with nutritionists and pediatrician are done to help parents form a healthy and balanced food plan for the child.
6. Colours and aromas: The classrooms and school surroundings are a blend of colors and relaxing aroma to keep the atmosphere bright and happy for the toddlers.
7. Free and structured play: The child is encouraged to select what he wants to play and how-this helps in decision making and developing leadership qualities.
Structured play- Outdoor and indoor activities are planned in a way that the child learns to follow understand and follow instructions and also how to work and play as part of a team.
Field Trips- Children are taken on field trips such as –picnic, movie outing, zoo, botanical garden and many more places .Fun and learning together.